Sewing Machine

Madam See YN, Whampoa, Singapore
Sewing Machine · 26 Likes · 3 years ago

Movie posters, movie magazines, paper container and photograph

Jessie T., Whampoa, Singapore
Photograph, Posters, Magazines, Container · 8 Likes · 3 years ago

Table Top Sewing Machine

Madam Cheong LH, Whampoa, Singapore
Sewing Machine · 3 Likes · 3 years ago

Thermos flask and Radio

Madam Yeo ST, Whampoa, Singapore
Thermos Flask, Radio · 3 Likes · 3 years ago

Camera, pouch, film and photo album

Madam Katie L., Whampoa, Singapore
Camera, Pouch, Photo Album, Film · 2 Likes · 3 years ago

Pouch and One Dollar Coins

Madam Joyce L, Whampoa, Singapore
Coins, Pouch · 1 Likes · 3 years ago

Solvil et Titus Watch

Madam Wong CL, Whampoa, Singapore
Watch · 1 Likes · 3 years ago

Wedding Dowry

Madam Liu WF, Whampoa, Singapore
Tea Set, Basket, Jewelley Box, Music Box, Watch, Wedding Dress, Oil Lamp, Ruler, Necklace, Tray, Teapot, Teacup · 2 Likes · 3 years ago

Perfume Bottle, Button Holer; Photograph

Madam Chu YK, Whampoa, Singapore
Photograph, Perfume Bottle, Button Holer · 1 Likes · 3 years ago