Objects for Thriving Trailer

This trailer “Objects for Thriving” is by Dr. Lilian Chee and Ian Mun. The film features the memories and spaces in which the cherished objects of five Whampoa elders are located.

Reframing Public Heritage Symposium

Where is heritage located? Who is involved in its making? How does heritage become relevant? These questions form the basis for the online symposium, co-organised by the NUS Department of Architecture, NTU School of Art, Design and Media, and in partnership with the Tsao Foundation. Anchored by an ongoing research project at Whampoa called Social Curating and Archiving, the symposium will explore modes of collecting, curating, display and engagement. Issues of agency, accessibility and perceptions of what constitutes public heritage will be discussed. Ascribing “heritage” not just within the public realm but crucially as a public- led endeavour, the symposium gathers speakers from diverse fields including architectural design, theory and history, visual studies, sociology, heritage studies, and ageing and community advocacy. Reframing Public Heritage pursues innovative methods of approaching heritage, emphasizing a transformation of heritage as social processes that involve public-led, everyday-use and place-specific means.